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Menopause Power - The Complete Program (Online Course)

Menopause Power - The Complete Program (Online Course)

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The Menopause Power Program

  • The Course – Presented in a non-technical, easy to understand manner, Dr. Schwarzbein gives you the foundation to fully understand how menopause affects your health, why treating it correctly is so important, and guidelines for doing so. The course is presented in both streaming video and audio formats in the online course module. 
  • The Notebook – A PDF of all of the slides she uses in the Course so you can take organized notes as you listen.
  • The Take Charge Guide – The Guide gives you over 100 pages of information to help you get started with Hormone Balancing Therapy (HBTx) – what to do and not do, and how to do it.  Dr. Schwarzbein tells you exactly how she treats her patients’ menopause (and her own!) with bioidentical hormones – the right lab tests, starting dosages, and important guidelines. The guide is presented as a PDF. 
  • Personal HBTx Journal – An Appendix to the Guide, the Journal lets you track key data like test results, symptoms and conditions, starting dosages, menstrual cycle, and how you are feeling during the entire first year on HBTx.
  • Dear Colleague Letter: Dr. Schwarzbein’s letter to doctors explaining her views on menopause and offering them a complimentary copy of her paper, Hormone Balancing Therapy (HBTx) – Why & How, a technical, step-by-step guide to administering bioidentical hormones using the protocol she developed from over two decades of experience treating thousands of women.

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