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Cold and Flu Bundle

Cold and Flu Bundle

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Dr. Schwarzbein's "Prescription" for Cold and Flu Season 

Level 1: Prevention - Keep Your Immune System Tuned Up!  

Habits: Getting plenty of sleep, eating well, and staying hydrated are your first line of defense. Also, avoid or at least minimize alcohol and sugar as they both undermine your immune system.

Daily Supplements: These are the supplements I advise my patients to take every day to keep their immune system in fighting shape:

Classic Zinc: Take one per day with food to avoid nausea.

Immuno-Boost-BG: Take one capsule per day.

Probiotic Daily - 30 Billion:  Routinely take a probiotic. Since 70% of your body’s immune cells circulate in your gut, it’s essential to keep it healthy. Take one capsule daily. For best results, rotate your probiotics every few months. 

SBI Guard: Mix one scoop with water. Since your GI tract is a key battleground in your defense against viral invaders, keeping it healthy is critical.

Vitamin C Plus: Take one per day with food to improve its absorption.

Vitamin D 1000: Take at least 1,000 IUs Monday to Friday; skip the weekend. (If you’re already taking more, keep it up; don’t cut back.)

This bundle contains one of each of the above supplements.


Level 2: Rapid Response

I tell my patients if they have even the slightest hint they may be coming down with something, it’s time to up their game with the following:

Probiotic Daily - 100 Billion:  You can use Probiotic Daily - 100 Billion as one option for rotating your probiotic. Take one capsule daily. 

Vitamin D3 with K2: Take 2 daily for 3 to 5 days. Taking a total of 10,000 IUs of Vitamin D for a few days will help your body fight off an impending virus.

Note: Level 2 supplements are not included in the Cold and Flu Bundle but can be purchased individually.

Level 3: All-Out War

If a viral infection does set in, I advise my patients to add the following as soon as possible. 

Grapefruit Seed Extract: Take 7 drops in a small amount of warm water 3 times a day. Caution: Be careful with GSE if you are taking prescription medication that grapefruit may counter. If you are unsure, ask your prescriber. 

Note: Level 3 supplements are not included in the Cold and Flu Bundle but can be purchased individually.


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